Orologi Herschmann

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Jewellery curated by Schindler

The giving or receiving of gifts is part and parcel of significant life events. Gifts can lend substance to a confession of love, or strengthen a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. Whatever the motivation, it is clear that we know how important it is to hold on to these precious moments and the relationships that make them possible. To capture their significance, we gift little “time machines” in the form of jewelled creations to the ones with whom we share these moments. Through these objects we are able over and over to experience the times and people whom we cherish most. 

Because we recognise how important the choice of such a gift is, we at Haute Horlogerie Schindler take special care in helping you select the perfect Jewellery for your occasion. In our boutique we are happy to show you select pieces by renowned maisons. Furthermore, we are happy to arrange for bespoke pieces to be crafted specifically according to your wishes.

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