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Material: Rose Gold
Carats: 0.05
Chain Lenght: 42 cm

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Happy Diamonds jewelry is as unique as it is playful. The dancing diamonds are entirely free between two sapphire crystals, thus enabling them to move without restraint, and through this very movement to enhance their inherent sparkle. Little Diamonds Do Great Things.

Since their invention in 1976 and liberated from the constraints of any setting, Happy Diamonds jewellery and watches have intensified the life and impulses of Free-Spirited Women.

They set their surroundings aglow in one smooth move. Ever since their creation in Chopard's workshops in 1976, Happy Diamonds have conveyed a contagious flow of Joie de Vivre. Their dance composes a playful and invigorating show in which freedom and light compete for the favours of an enchanting smile.