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Chopard, the Big-Hearted Maison, has always regarded generosity and kindness as its core values. A perfect match between Chopard’s heart talisman and the Maison’s iconic dancing diamonds, the Happy Hearts collection unites big-hearted women around the world. Chopard has been supporting the All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response Foundation through its Happy Hearts red heart bangle since 2015. Founded by Petra Nemcova, the Foundation works to rebuild schools and provide assistance to children in areas affected by natural disasters. Little Diamonds Do Great Things.

The choice of a piece of Chopard jewellery is never meaningless. In addition to being aesthetically extraordinary, it carries a value that represents recognition and affection. The choice of Happy Hearts diamond jewellery is that of a woman with a Big Heart, an everyday heroine for whom the Maison's commitments are an echo of her own generosity. Inspired by the idea that she should not indulge herself at the expense of others, the woman with the Big Heart sees Happy Hearts jewellery designs as being truly coherent with her own value system and intertwined with altruism.

Combining coloured hearts with the legendary dancing diamonds – two elements chosen as symbols of the Maison – the Happy Hearts diamond jewellery collection offers an assortment of creations to be worn as veritable talismans, both for the small joys of everyday life and for the sparkle of special occasions.

Luxury bangle bracelets confront each other in a gracious dance, with a coloured heart and a heart containing a floating diamond at each end.