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Material: Yellow Gold

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Ever since its launch in 1999, the Ice Cube collection has offered successive interpretations of its modern aesthetic inspired by tiny blocks of ice. Symbolising perfection and miraculous geometry, the cube is a source of inspiration in all creative fields. In selecting this figure, the Ice Cube collection dares to play on its rare nature, its disruptive aesthetic, as well as the infinite glinting flashes of light reflected off its multiple facets. Minimalist Elegance.

The Chopard Ice Cube collection is synonymous with quintessentially contemporary jewellery and its pared-down, deliberately androgynous graphic and rectangular shapes overturn traditional jewellery-making conventions. Created in 1999 as an assembly of small graphic cubes, Ice Cube offers a range of luxurious jewels: symmetrical rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets subtly mingling gold colours and light effects.