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Material: Rose Gold
Carats: 0.48

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Discover your new lucky pendant, the Piaget Possession rose gold pendant set with diamonds. Stunning jewellery made to be played with, this luxury pendant has a central rose gold half sphere with an internal turning ring, a signature of this collection. The half sphere has two sides that you can switch between, one fully diamond-paved and one engraved. Personalise the latter for a unique piece to be your new everyday talisman. Embrace your playful and even mischievous side with this rose gold pendant, twist, flip and choose how you want to wear it. Jewellery that suits your style.

Perfect for any occasion, Piaget Possession jewellery celebrates elegance that is playful and free. Its turning rings create alluring movement and transform the Possession collection’s luxury jewellery into modern-day talismans for her.

From necklaces adorned with turning cylinders to pendants and bangles with moving rings, Piaget Possession jewellery is unabashedly playful. Its every ring becomes a trusted companion, turning around a woman’s finger. More than fine jewellery, each piece is to be fully embodied – accessible luxury jewellery that enhances her every move.

Diamond jewellery that sparkles with creativity is the fruit of Piaget’s unique expertise. Whether set in the centre of a ring or paved on the P-shaped clasp of a necklace, precious stones draw white and pink gold alike into a never-ending conversation, echoing the bonds that unite Piaget Possession jewellery with strong, modern women.