Luminor Due - 45mm


CHF 25,300.00
CHF 25,300.00
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CHF 25,300.00

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Size: 45mm
Material: Goldtech™
Water Resistance: 300 meters
Movement: P.4000/10

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The lines of the Luminor Due are inspired by the Luminor 1950 case, which represents the culmination of the Panerai creations. All the elements originate directly from the history of the brand and they have all been subtly redesigned to emphasise the versatility of a watch which is a synthesis of the sporting spirit and the ability to wear it for more elegant and special occasions.

The gold used by Panerai is a special alloy, different from standard gold. Panerai goldtech has a percentage of copper giving the material an intense red hue that is particularly elegant and sophisticated. Platinum is another fundamental element of the Panerai gold alloy, as it helps to prevent the metal from oxidising.