Submersible BMG-TECH™


CHF 14,100.00
CHF 14,100.00
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CHF 14,100.00

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Size: 47mm
Material: BMG-Tech™
Water Resistance: 300 meters
Movement: P.9010

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An invisible but revolutionary innovation, resulting from Panerai's continuos research into design and new materials: the first mechanical watch whose case is made of BMG-TECH™.

The disordered structure of BMG-TECH™ is the secret to its great robustness and extreme resistance to corrosion, external shocks and magnetic fields, and enables it to preserve its appearance over time.

"BMG-TECH™ is a bulk metallic glass with a disordered atomic structure, obtained through a high-pressure injection process at a high temperature, followed by a cooling process lasting for only a few seconds, so that the atoms do not have enough time to become arranged in an ordered, regular structure."